Director:  Andrew Huculiak

Starring:  Tim Guinee, Chelah Horsdal, Beverly Elliott 

Running Time:  104 minutes

Release Date:  Vimeo On Demand July 24 /  iTunes July 28

| Film Synopsis |

Inspired by true events centering around Huculiak's childhood friend's father and is set in his hometown of Peachland, BC, ASH invites viewers to explore the edges of their empathy as the film dives into the psyche of a man and his town in the aftermath of tragedy.

| Review |

Summary (out of 5)

Stan Hurst (Tim Guinee) runs a local news website, who is chasing blazing wildfires ravaging the Okanagan Valley. But then we find out that Stan has a secret that makes him the news.  The secret is that Stan is a pedophile and we see how he struggles with this burden.  One powerful scene is when Stan goes into the wilderness and bathes himself in soil and ashes from the fire. He then tries to commit suicide but can't get himself to do it.  He ends up hitting himself with his belt and screams in anguish.   

Filmed during the actual events of 2017 wildfires that overwhelmed British Columbia, Canada. These beautiful shots were taken by Cinematographer Joseph Schweers.

Director Andrew Huculiak made his directorial debut "Violent" that won Best Canadian Picture in 2014.  It also won Best B.C Film during the VIFF Festival.  For his follow-up film he brings us a breathtaking film that involves some dark subject matter that many people will find difficult.  But I also think some people will have a discussion about.