Director:  Justin Oakey

Starring:  Michaela Kurimsky, Stephen Oates, Terry Ryan, Stephen Lush

Running Time:  93 minutes

Release Date:  On Demand October 2

| Film Synopsis |

A whisper among the sprawling forests and highway towns of central Newfoundland. A body found on the side of a river brings together a reclusive fur trapper and a heartsick mother-to-be.


Summary (out of 5)

| Review |

We are introduced to  Scott (Stephen Oates), a  fur trapper who finds a dead body in the woods of Newfoundland. After reporting it to the police, he decides to visit the dead man's wife, Mona (Michaela Kurimsky). As the pair get closer to each other they find themselves learning more of her husband's past.  Fearing for her life, Scott tries to protect her from the dangers of a gang. It then becomes a game of cat and mouse.  'A Fire In The Cold Season' was an enjoyable thriller. From start to finish the mood was dark and suspenseful. 

'A Fire in the Cold Season' is directed by Newfoundland director Justin Oakey.  The film's Cinematography is beautifully done by James Klopko (Sleeping Giant). The long shots of Newfoundland are truly breathtaking.

'A Fire in the Cold Season' will be release by Game Theory Films on VOD and in select Cineplex Events screenings in Canada on October 2nd.