This year, the holidays are killer. INTO THE DARK, the stylish 24-film horror anthology from Blumhouse Productions – the legendary producers who brought us Get Out and Paranormal Activity – is coming to Hollywood Suite. Starting with some bad romance this Valentine’s Day, expect thrills and chills with 2 new holiday-themed horror films every month until we ring in a bloody New Year. It’s a whole year of fear, so cancel your holiday plans and turn off the lights as we take you INTO THE DARK.

March 8

Into The Dark Presents "Treehouse" 

Celebrity chef Peter Rake escapes a scandal for a weekend at his family’s isolated vacation home, but there are debts to repay and Peter has to learn the lesson that a woman’s place is anywhere that she chooses to be… if he survives.

March 17

Into The Dark Presents "Crawlers"

On Saint Patrick’s Day, three unlikely friends band together to save a college town from a vicious horde of body-switching aliens.