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Available for the First Time on 4K Ultra HD™ Blu-ray™ Disc and Digital Sept. 21

“Unbreakable” arrives on 4K Ultra HD Disc and Digital for the first time on Sept. 21 in stunning HDR picture quality and sound. The Ultimate Collector’s Edition includes a limited-edition SteelBook®, available only at Best Buy stores, that consumers can preorder beginning Aug. 10.

“Unbreakable” Synopsis

After David Dunn (Bruce Willis) emerges from a horrific train crash as the sole survivor — and without a single scratch on him — he meets a mysterious, unsettling stranger (Samuel L. Jackson) who believes comic book heroes walk the earth, and whose sinister, single-minded obsession will impact David’s life forever.

“Unbreakable” Bonus Features*

  • Deleted Scenes

  • Elijah Taken Away

  • Audrey in Waiting Room

  • David in Shower

  • Elijah at Fair

  • David with Priest

  • Audrey Calls David

  • Weightlifting in Locker Room

  • Behind the Scenes – Explore the making of “Unbreakable” from concept to completion.

  • Comic Books and Superheroes – Take an in-depth look at comic book artistry and profiles of leading comic book artists.

  • Night’s First Fight Sequence – M. Night Shyamalan introduces this fight scene from a film he made as a child.

  • The Train Station Sequence: Storyboards & Final Scene – Compare animated storyboards to the final scene.

*bonus features vary by product and retailer

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