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The public’s thirst for information about Serial Killers continues. I don’t know if you saw NIGHT STALKER recently on Netflix or not, but a spree of murders in 1985 can prove just as haunting and worthy of re-examination today. 2019’s Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood and Quentin Tarantino‘s upcoming Novel about that Film, prove we still are intrigued. Hollywood Suite announce a six-part Docu-Series 'HELTER SKELTER: AN AMERICAN MYTH' which explores Charles Manson and his “family” brutally murdering nine people in 1969. The series looks at why the Manson “Family” still permeates our culture, media and fears.

An Overview of each episode:

Episode 1 – Charles Manson is Your Brother – Thursday, February 11 at 9pm ET

In the series premiere, he orchestrated the most sensational murders of the 20th century, but how much do we really know about Charles Manson and the Family? Helter Skelter goes back to the 1960s to reveal the untold story of the enigmatic cult leader and his band of followers who did his bidding – even when it meant killing nine people in the summer of 1969. His story has become legend, but the truth has yet to be told…

Episode 2 – The Seed – Thursday, February 18 at 9pm ET

Helter Skelter travels back in time to the desperate early days in Appalachia when Manson was first exposed to prison when his young mother was sent away. Travel along Charles Manson’s sordid journey through reform school, jail and prison as he picks up the tools, he will ultimately bring together to commit the most sensational murders of the 20th century.

Episode 3 – Nobody Joins a Cult – Thursday, February 25 at 9pm ET

Fresh out of prison, aspiring musician Charles Manson finds himself in San Francisco during the Summer of Love. There, he uses the tools he learned behind bars to recruit followers to his growing traveling commune. Helter Skelter follows Manson as he takes average teens and young adults and puts them through the change. As he travels from the streets of Haight Ashbury to Los Angeles, partying with A-Listers, producers and rock royalty we see that his seductive message might entice just about anyone in a vulnerable place.

Episode 4 – Out of Eden – Thursday, March 4 at 9pm ET

To his followers, Charles Manson is the second coming of Christ, that belief reinforced by subliminal messages he receives through the Beatles’ White Album. But by the summer of 1969, a mythical race war, delusions of stardom, and bad drug deals leave the cult leader struggling to keep his family together. Helter Skelter reveals how, through intense programming, physical abuse, group sex, and tests of death, Manson finally convinces his followers to “do something witchy,” which can only mean one thing.

Episode 5 – Same Bad Mistakes – Thursday, March 11 at 9pm ET

A desperate Charles Manson escapes with his Family to a desert hideout. There, prison camp-like conditions force two of the girls to make a life-or-death escape attempt. Meanwhile, Los Angeles is paralyzed with fear as the police fumble the investigation. But then Manson unexpectedly helps brings his reign of terror to an end. When a jailhouse confession comes to light, Helter Skelter reveals how the pieces of the puzzle finally come together for the law.

Episode 6 – The Legend of Helter Skelter – Thursday, March 18 at 9pm ET

The most sensational trial of the 20th century finds a judge attacked on the bench, a daily circus of interruptions, a missing defense attorney, and a gallery of young girls blindly following Charles Manson in trying to derail the prosecution. Fifty years later, why does the man, his myth, his Family continue to horrify and also fascinate us? Has Manson finally found the attention and fame he so craved? Helter Skelter explores the aftermath of the murders that gripped the world, and why the myth of Charles Manson should cease to exist.

HELTER SKELTER: AN AMERICAN MYTH premieres Thursday, February 11 at 9pm ET only on Hollywood Suite, with a new episode premiering weekly through March 18, 2021. Each episode will be available on demand.

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