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Pacific Northwest Pictures announces the Canadian theatrical release of CANADIAN STRAIN!

Now that it’s legal, cannabis dealer Anne Banting, thought she could finally stop looking over her shoulder. Her customers are adults, not stoners, and she takes pride in her ability to help them find a bespoke solution. But they’ve left her for the only legal dealer in town, the government, and a decade as a dealer isn’t something she can put on her CV, even though she has pharmaceutical level knowledge.

Everyone thinks she hasn’t grown up and it’s time to move on, even though her passion is helping others. Now with no money, no direction, and some worthless weed, Anne’s forced to confront the system while trying to hold on to what she loves.

Dealing was never hard, until they made it legal.

OAKVILLE FESTIVAL OF FILMS AND ART (Oakville, ON) Thursday, February 13th, 2020

OPENING DATE: Friday, March 20th, 2020 Carlton Cinema, (Toronto, ON) Towne Cinema 8, (Winnipeg, MB)

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