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PRODUCTION BEGINS ON 19 year old Ethan Hickey’s ‘BURDEN’ Starring Tim Dowler-Coltman & Brenna Coates

Toronto, ON - Principal photography begins May 30th for the debut of Ethan Hickey’s feature film BURDEN. The film will begin shooting in London, Ontario for 22 days. Tim Dowler-Coltman (Hector) and Brenna Coates (Coroner) will lead the cast. The film also stars Janet Porter (Regression, IT), Kevin Bundy (Flashpoint), Simon Webster (When Hope Calls) and Eric Fleising (Stupid For You) - who is reprising his role.

Based on his two short films, Burden I & II, 19-year old Ethan Hickey wrote the script for the feature while a student at the University of Western Ontario, in Canada. Both shorts were recently acquired by CBC’s Canada Reflections Program.

The full-length feature film is being produced by Ethan Hickey of 5 Star Idiot Productions (Dreamstate) and Michael James Regan of Backlash Pictures (Under Duress, Kitty Mammas).

Logline: BURDEN takes us on the journey of a recovering alcoholic who sparks a relationship with the ex-girlfriend of the man that he and his brother killed in a drunk driving accident half a decade ago.

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