Director:  Nick Powell

Starring:  Nicolas Cage, Famke Janssen, Kevin Durrand 

Running Time:  96 minutes

Release Date:  July 28 VOD & Digital / August 11 Blu-Ray & DVD

| Film Synopsis |

A collector of rare and exotic cats (Nicolas Cage) finds himself in the hunt of his life when a deadly political assassin overruns the ship transporting his priceless animal.

| Review |

Summary (out of 5)


Frank Walsh (Nicolas Cage) is a big-time game hunter who has managed to capture a mythical white jaguar in the Brazilian jungle. On his way back to the United States on a cargo ship to sell the animals he has caught, they bring along a dangerous criminal (Kevin Durand) to stand trial for murder and crimes against humanity.  Things take a turn when the criminal escapes and releases the animals including the white jaguar loose aboard the ship. Frank must recapture the jaguar before all the crew become dinner while trying to find the criminal. 

​I genuinely had fun time watching PRIMAL. It very much had a 90’s feel to it   Reminded me of the film "THE GHOST AND THE DARKNESS'' starring Val Kilmer and Michael Douglas.  About two lions attacking a village in Africa.  

I was disappointed though that we didn't get enough of the cat and mouse aliment.  We want to see the jaguar attacking people one by one. I feel though they were holding back as the CGI jaguar was questionable.    But for Nicolas Cage fans out there you will have a blast.